As an English graduate student at Louisiana State University with a teaching assistantship, I have had the privilege to work with a variety of LSU students, from freshmen to seniors, in courses covering both English composition and literary studies. For more information on my pedagogy, click here. Sample syllabi from courses can be accessed in the sidebar, or by clicking the links below:

ENGL 2000: Sophomore Composition, “Why Video Games Matter: Identity, Representation and Community”
Service-Learning Community Partner: AbleGamers Charity
To learn more about this course and its service-learning component, see the course page by clicking here.
Taught Spring 2018

ENGL 1001: Freshmen Composition, “The American Dream”
Taught Fall 2017

ENGL 2123: Literary Traditions and Themes, “Videogames & Literature”
Taught Spring 2017

ENGL 1001: Freshmen Composition, “Digital Citizenship”
Taught Fall 2016

ENGL 2000: Sophomore Composition, “Utopias and Dystopias: Writing for Our Future”
To see the conference presentation about my experience teaching this course titled “Getting Real: Using a Utopian/Dystopian Framework in the Composition Classroom” given at SAMLA 88 by clicking here.
Taught Spring 2016

ENGL 1001: Freshmen Composition
Taught Fall 2015


Additionally, I have designed the following syllabi for future courses:

ENGL 7981: Topics in Modern and Contemporary Literature, “Literature in the Digital Age”
Course Description: In this new millennium, words are constantly juxtaposed against images, videos, and sounds across a global network through which people have access to more text than ever before. What does it mean to read and write literature in this moment? What new possibilities emerge for writing itself in a digital context—what new modes of representation and expression? How do we as readers need to think differently in order to read within the digital? We’ll take up these and other epistemological and methodological questions as we consider how contemporary authors represent, respond to, and employ digital technology in their writing. Along with relevant scholarship, we will explore a wide range of genres and medial formats, including experimental works that push at the boundaries of the page in an attempt to rethink print literature alongside the digital, as well as literature that is born digital, such as electronic literature, hypertexts, and digital games.